Whitelabel questions

Have a few questions re: whitelabel

  1. why is there a powered by serpwatch at footer of White Label site with a link to serpwatch website? reason i ask is how can we sell the product if they go to main website and when they click on pricing it says $1… i know they have to customize but off hand how do we get our own customers if you have that option visible from each whitelabel dashboard?

  2. How do we put a limit to keywords that can be accessed by a Whitelabel user?

Hi anton,

Thank you for the feedback!

  1. That’s definitely a good point and we will eventually add this as an upgrade option.
  2. Clients can see all the projects and keywords in their portal but they cannot add or delete keywords - only agency owners can do that. Since our pricing model is usage-based, this prevents clients from unintentionally incurring additional costs.
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Hi - Plus 1 for this feature. It would look nice for clients to see the charts etc… Rather then the PDF report. Is there any talk of integrating with Google Data Studio?

Ok thanks!

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That’s definitely a good idea, though we don’t have it on the roadmap at this moment.

If you think this is something that would be useful to other white label users as well, I suggest that you leave a feature request.

Thanks for your feedback!