What’s the difference between SerpWatch and other rank trackers?

The Short Answer
More keywords checked more frequently at a lower price.

Take, for example, Ahrefs or SEMrush.
Ahrefs’s lowest plan is $99 and SEMrush’s $99.95, but both only give you 500 weekly to monthly keyword checks.

On the other hand, for $99 SerpWatch gives you 1000 keywords checked DAILY.
(Should you want a smaller package to start with, with SerpWatch you can check 300 keywords for $49).

The Comprehensive Answer

Both Ahrefs and SEMrush are admittedly very powerful and well-rounded SEO tools - and the insights they both provide go beyond “simple” keyword monitoring and managing. However, that is also where their greatest shortcomings in terms of rank tracking lie - THEY ARE or can be VERY SLOW.

Their crawlers are designed in such a way that they have to put the entire Internet into a database. And that takes time. A lot of it.

That also means that Ahrefs or SEMrush probably come across your website and keywords very infrequently - once a week to once a month in fact.

Ahrefs big data stats page

Ahrefs pricing page

SEMrush pricing page

SerpWatch has a much more narrow focus, just your keywords and websites in real-time. We check the status of your keywords daily (or hourly if needed) to offer a more accurate and current view of your rankings. In the spirit of monitoring your keywords, you can check out all the rank changes via email notifications and directly in Slack. Notifications are directly tailored to your needs, so you have a clear picture of what is happening with your website and keyword positions.

So SerpWatch is for you if:

  • You want real-time notifications of any major issues
  • You’re monitoring your keywords daily or hourly
  • Changes in keyword rankings have a substantial effect on your monthly revenue
  • You’d like to monitor your SEO team or agency’s efforts

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There are other wonderful differences like no keyword volume (Always shows 0) in keyword tracking report and non existent customer support which are very rare among other products.