Types of Keyword Ranking Change Notifications

SerpWatch is a rank tracking tool for the here and now - dedicated to providing real-time actionable information for your day-to-day operations. We implemented a notification system so you can set up triggers to automatically inform you, your team or clients of any important keyword changes.

Here is just some of what SerpWatch can notify you about:

Inspect - Drastic Drops (a keyword has dropped down several positions):

  • Oops, we de-indexed in robots.txt during the last site update, patch it quickly.

Celebrate - All-time Keyword Highs (signals a big jump in keyword positions):

Educate - Google Algo Updates (keeps you up-to-date with changes in Google algorithm that might affect your keyword ranking):

  • Interesting, Google rolled out some minor updates, seems to be helping all our travel sites.

Evaluate - Featured Snippets (indicates a piece of content with your keyword is in a featured snippet or can no longer be found in one):

  • We had a surge and drop in traffic? Ahh, must be related to the Answer Box!

Monitor - Swings (the position of your keyword has changed drastically):

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