Setting up Notifications in SerpWatch

There are two types of notifications you can set up in SerpWatch; project and keyword notifications.

Project Notifications

Navigate to your project dashboard and click the bell icon next to the project you want to set up notifications for, as shown in the image below.

Enable project notifications in the pop-up that appears.


This will open a dialog where you can customize your project notifications.

Setting up Where to Receive Project Notifications

You can receive notifications via email, on Slack, or through a custom Zapier integration. Whichever one you opt for—and you can use them all simultaneously!—make sure to toggle the corresponding button to enable it.


Setting up Email Notifications

  1. Enable email notifications.
  2. Type the email address where you want to receive notifications.
  3. Test if they work—you should receive a test email in your inbox.


Setting up Slack Notifications

To receive Slack notifications, you will need to create a Slack webhook.

Navigate to the SerpWatch notification modal.

  1. Make sure Slack is on.
  2. Click ‘Add to Slack’.


In the pop-up that appears, choose the workspace where you want to receive the notifications.

Choose the desired channel and click the Add Integration button.


Copy your newly created webhook.


… and paste into the Slack input field.


If this returns a success message and a test notification in the channel you’ve chosen, your SerpWatch integration with Slack is working.


Save your setting by clicking the Save button at the modal bottom.

Setting up Zapier Notifications

To learn how to set up notifications through Zapier, please refer to this guide.

Keyword Notifications

To set up notifications for specific keywords within a project, click on the bell icon next to the keyword you want to receive them for.

Bear in mind that, to do this, you should first have Project Notifications set up, as shown in the first part of this guide. Then, click on ‘Override settings’ and adjust what you want to receive notifications for. From the same pop-up, you can also toggle Project Notifications off for that specific keyword.


To learn how to customize notifications for specific keywords within a project, please refer to this guide.