SerpWatch Check Credits Explained

Total checks—the number of keyword checks on which you’ve based your plan purchase

Example: Your plan allows 30,000 keyword checks/month (1,000 keywords*30 days for daily checking frequency)

Used checks—the amount you’ve used so far in the current month

Example: On the 7th day of your subscription, you have 7,000 used checks (1,000 keywords checked once a day for 7 days)

Reserved checks—the projected amount of checks for the current month calculated on the number of keywords you are tracking and the selected frequency of checking

Example: If you are tracking 50 keywords, you have 1,500 reserved checks for that month (50 keywords*30 days for daily checking frequency)

NOTE: The system always reserves checks for the whole month for each keyword you are tracking no matter on which day of the month you start tracking it so you can avoid going over the plan limit and receive checks for all the tracked keywords. The month ends on the same date of the next month.