Search Return Types

Organic Organic

Organic results are the “real” results. They’re displayed below the Paid result.

Paid Paid

Paid results are the ads that always appear at the top of the results page.

Featured Snippet Featured_Snippet

Featured Snippets are small blocks of useful information regarding the search – sort of like the Answer Box, except that Featured Snippets contain source links.

Images Images

Image results are displayed beside organic results or separately in the Images tab of a results page.

Videos Videos

Video results are represented in a carousel format for horizontal scrolling.

Answer Box Answer_Box

Answer Boxes are like Featured Snippets. They appear at the top of the results page and provide a direct response to queries

Knowledge Graph Knowledge_Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a box that contains information regarding the search term – enough information, in many cases, to prevent click-through to another site. On a PC or laptop, it appears on the right side of the results page.

Google Review Google_Review

Review results are ratings or excerpts from evaluations.