Request a Feature

Request a Feature is a section that allows us to connect with our users and track ideas they want to share with us, in order to improve user experience and the quality of our application.

Read on to see how it works and how you can make the most out of it.

Finding the Request a Feature menu
In order to quickly access the section, click on the user menu icon in the top-right corner of the application and select “Request a Feature”.

Exploring the Request a Feature menu
The Request a Feature menu will provide you with plenty of information, and we will explain each section below.

Section 1 - Requested Features List
Here you can see a Requested Feature’s title, who made it, and when. On the left, there’s a thumb-up icon that represents the number of people that upvoted the requested feature.
Clicking on the Requested Feature’s title will take you to the Requested Feature’s page, where you can read the description, leave comments or read what other people have to say about it.

Section 2 - Sorting Requested Features
This section represents a simple sorting option. You can sort Requested Features titles by the number of votes (Thumb-Ups from Section 1), ascending or descending alphabetical order, or by the date they’ve been submitted (newest/oldest).

Section 3 - Searching Requested Features
If you want to search for a particular requested feature, this is the place to go. Type the search term and the application will filter all Requested Features by title.

Requesting a Feature
Here’s what you have to do to request a new feature after you have navigated to the Request a Feature menu.

Step 1
Click on the “+ Request a Feature” button which will trigger a modal to appear, as seen in Step 2.

Step 2
Give your suggestion a Title, write a Description of your idea, and hit “Save”. Note that your description has to be at least 10 characters long.

After you have successfully requested a feature, you will be redirected towards your Requested Feature Page. Here, you can see how your suggestion looks, read and reply to other users’ comments. You can also check other Requested Feature Pages, as well.