Reports incorrectly saying keywords have gone up

Hi, I’ve just had a monthly report through for a website and it says 10 keywords have gone up, but actually, none have gone up. It is saying 10 because it says 100+ under the “change” heading, as well as there being 100+ under “current” and “last”… but obviously there isn’t a change of 100+ if it is also the current and last, there’s no change - so it’s incorrectly counting these as the 10.

I would also love to be able to choose the time the monthly report gets sent, as this one is sending mid-month. Hoping you guys can get this sorted soon as I’d love to start inviting clients to use but need a few things like these fixing up first.

Many thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reporting this!

We are indeed experiencing some issues with ranking results at the moment and the cause seems to be the latest Google update. Our tech team is already working on it and your data will be updated shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the reports, users can’t currently choose the time but I will make sure to pass your feedback onto the developers.

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