Project Revenue Chart

The Project Revenue Chart shows the daily revenue value for all keywords you’re tracking within the project you’re surveying. It’s the organic traffic value for the domain associated with the project.

For example, the estimated revenue for the keywords tracked in SerpWatch within a certain project has been $35 on May 15.

This is what we consider when calculating the value:

  • Traffic volume - the traffic that all the tracked keywords bring to your domain
  • CPC - average cost per click for all tracked keywords
  • The percentage of total traffic - based on your average position.

NOTE: On the keyword level, we only consider these parameters for that particular keyword:

  • Traffic volume - the traffic this keyword brings to your domain
  • CPC - average cost per click for this one keyword
  • The percentage of total traffic - based on this keyword’s position for a particular day.

Also, the estimated revenue value for one of the keywords tracked within the same project as above has been $3 on May 15.

Our custom formula projects the income from the keywords you are tracking and which are bringing traffic to your website.

It also signals that certain areas of your SEO efforts can be improved if there are big discrepancies between the projected value and your actual income.

Have in mind that these parameters can be highly volatile, thus making the projected revenue value change rather quickly. However, the closer the actual income is to it means your SEO strategy is working.