Notification Triggers in SerpWatch

With SerpWatch, you can choose to receive notifications for a variety of events associated with the keywords you’re tracking. These event triggers can be customized on two levels: project and keyword.

To learn how to set up both project and keyword-level notifications, please refer to this guide.

Project Notification Triggers


Once set up on a project level, events will trigger notifications for all keywords within that project; unless disabled or overridden for a specific keyword (explained below).

The events that can trigger notifications on a project-wide level are as follows.

Position Rise and/or Fall


On the respective bar, slide on the right from ‘disabled’ to define the number of positions a keyword must rise or drop for you to receive a notification in the specified channels. Any value between 1 and 100—relative to the current position—can be set up as a notification trigger.

Keyword Hits All-Time High


Toggle this switch to receive notifications when a keyword reaches its highest-ranking position since added to SerpWatch.

Monitor Swings


Toggle the switch to receive notifications when a keyword’s position changes by over 40% up or down. For example, an upswing from position 10 to 5 will trigger a positive notification, while a downswing from the 5th to the 10th position will trigger a warning.

Drastic Drop


Slide to the right from ‘disabled’ to define the multiple of a keyword’s position drop for you to receive a notification. Any value between 1 and 11 can be set up as a notification trigger. For example, if the keyword’s current position is 4 and the slider set to 3, you will be notified if the keyword drops lower than the 12th position.

SERP feature


Toggle the switch to receive notifications when a keyword appears in a featured snippet. Click here to find out more about Featured Snippets, as we as other search return types.

Keyword Notification Triggers

Unless overridden, notification triggers for specific keywords within a project will inherit the values set up for the project notifications.

Aside from all of the events associated with project-level notifications, keyword-specific notification triggers come with a few more customization options.

Position Cross Above & Below


Provide a value in the respective input fields to receive notifications once a keyword ranks above or below the specified position, respectively.

Notification Delivery Options


Toggle these options on to receive notifications via the specified channel. Note that, in order to receive notifications, these notification channels have to be set up on a project level.