Local Tracking Feedback

Leave your comments and questions on local feedback here.

The local tracking feature is great to have, although it was not a deal breaker for me. It is nice to see things moving forward, especially for demands from the community.

Now, it became quite strange/akwards to add a project. When I select a country, it automatically add a default local location. I do have to erase it. (I do not have many local projects) But when erasing the location, it does not allow me to use the suggestion keyword features. It says it misses the “id loc”. And more problematic, I cannot add the project without a local location.

I am not sure having a location chosen by default. Or if necessary, maybe use a big city or state rather than the first one ?

If the default location is not used if I do not modify it, then it is really really not user friendly, at least in my case.


I am not able to leave blank the city option and save the project. I am interested to add country ONLY

Hi julien and rod!

We definitely appreciate your input since this is still a BETA feature which means we will continue making tweaks to improve the overall user experience.

If you want to track your keywords at the country level, here’s what you need to do:
select the country of your choice and leave the default location assigned by the app for the “City, Zip, State” field.

This is how the feature works at the moment but since we’ve received a lot of feedback on how this is confusing - it will get fixed soon.

Thanks for your feedback!

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I’m unable to create a project without validation triggering requesting that I use the local field. However, my project is focused on national performance, not local. The tooltip says leave this field blank if you want to track nationally but the form has it as a required field.

What am I to do?

I now see your reply to another user having the same issue as me. Unfortunately, I’ve removed the default location and didn’t pay attention to what that was. I guess I can open a new tab and click the ‘add new project’ button, then copy and paste the default location from there… but … I’m looking forward to this not being a required field and it clearly stating in the field description: “leave blank to track nationally” or have it just have a placeholder that says “track national and local?” or something similar

Hi Chris!

As you and others have correctly pointed out, the bit about default location is pretty confusing. But don’t worry - our devs are already working on making the in-app instructions more understandable.

For now, you should leave the default location for the “City/Zip/State” field.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi there!

How do I go about tracking both “regular” as well as location-based rankings for the keywords in my project?
Is this at all possible, or do I have to create a separate project for that purpose?


Hi J0hn,

At the moment, you have to create two separate projects for different locations - or in your case, regular and location-based tracking.

I suggest that you clone your project and change the location settings so you don’t have to import the keywords again.

The good news is that we’re already building a feature that will allow you to track your rankings for multiple locations, languages, search engines, and top-level domains in one project. Check it out on our Roadmap here!

Hope that helps!

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Hey guys this is a step in the right direction! If possible, it’d be helpful to be able to do geogrid tracking in the future. Is this something you guys are considering?

Hi howard,

Geogrid tracking isn’t on our roadmap at the moment but it’s definitely a good idea.
I suggest that you submit a feature request for future development.

Thanks for your feedback!

Need to have multiple locations added, not just a single location per project.