Keywords Status not showing


Just setting up my first project and added 2 keywords nearly 3 hours ago but it still says ‘Checking’ under Status.

Does it take a while for these to show up or do I have a problem?


Hi warwick,

Thanks for reporting it!

Nothing major to worry about. We’re experiencing a heavy server load due to users coming in through the Appsumo Black Friday campaign. But we’re also actively working on resolving this as we speak.

Give it a bit more time and if the problem persists let us know.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ok thanks Sanja how long before you would say it was an issue to come back to you?

No problem warwick. The BF campaign is actually ending today so I’d say if it’s still an issue by tomorrow, let us know.

Thanks for your patience!

Morning Sanja, the keywords have no populated but I notice there’s no data for SV, CPC or CMP.

Does that take a while to populate?

Hi warwick!

It usually does for the first project and then it updates smoothly from then on.

However, since you’ve been waiting for a while, I ran this by our QA and they’re updating your metrics as we speak. :slight_smile:

It should be resolved within two hours.

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Thank you thats great

No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sorry just added another couple of keywords - whats the curent time wait for them to show up?

No problem Warwick.

I’d say give it an hour or so.

We’ve received reports of slow load time from multiple users today. There’s a huge load on the server at the moment with the AppSumo campaign ending.

Mind you, this is not the norm and before we launched the campaign, keywords would normally load in seconds so this is only temporary.

OK thanks I did add those at 10am so has been longer but hopefully will update soon

Totally understand, we’re scaling the backend to resolve this asap. I’ll get back to you a bit later to check if the keywords are still loading.

OK thanks no problem

hi, i’ve got the same issue warwick.
Just setting up my first project and added 24 keywords nearly 10 hours ago but it still says ‘Checking’ under Status… :frowning:

Hi Christocast,

Welcome to SerpWatch community!

Totally understand how this is frustrating for both of you. Slow upload time is, unfortunately, something a lot of our users are experiencing at the moment.

The issue behind it is that our volume of tracking increased the same in the last 3 days as did in the last month due to the Appsumo Black Friday campaign.

Our tech team is scaling the backend infrastructure to accommodate this usage and the issue should be resolved shortly.

We appreciate your patience with this!

Hi all,

just letting you know we’ve fixed the issue causing slow upload and your keywords should be available now.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

MAny Thanks Sanja :slight_smile:

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As soon as I added Google Analytics, all of my keywords show +100. It’s the only account that has it. Since the other projects are fine, I assume this is the root cause. However, I can’t remove it, and tried contacting tech support but to no avail!
Is anyone else seeing this?