Keywords resetting to 100+

A great many of my keywords have gone to a position of “100+”. Something is obviously wrong as the url is showing as “N/A”, and if I click the keyword, I get a page with just a blank table.

I tried to message via live chat, but it just says “we are away now”, and despite suggesting I send a message, it refuses to actually let me do so.

Hi laurence,

Thanks for reporting this!

We are experiencing some issues with ranking results at the moment and the cause seems to be the latest Google update. Our tech team is working on it and your data will be updated shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Let me know if you’re still having issues with live chat as it seems to be wokring fine on our side.

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HI Sanja! Thanks very much for the update, appreciated.

For the live chat, it is working now, although I think that’s because the team is online. I tried to use it when the team was offline, and it said that I could still send a message, but it wouldn’t actually let me do that. So I think the issue is with the offline functionality which I can’t test at the moment :slight_smile: