Granting Permissions to Your Analytics Property

There are 2 ways you can connect Google Analytics to your SerpWatch account - in the user section or in project properties.

  1. Once you log into SerpWatch, go to Account Settings in the bottom left corner.

Click on the button Connect Google Analytics.

Choose the Google Account you want to use for this.

Allow SerpWatch to manage users on your Google Analytics account.

Allow SerpWatch to read & analyze your Google Analytics data.

Confirm your choices.

Google Analytics is now connected successfully to your SerpWatch account!

  1. Another way to grant access to Google Analytics is when creating or editing a project.

You will need to choose the account and grant the necessary permissions as previously shown.

NOTE: Whether you connect Google Analytics and SerpWatch through user section or directly in project properties, you still need to select the property you want to gather data for.

Choose the account, property and view by selecting the appropriate option in each drop-down menu.

You’re all set up!

You can now track and compare your organic traffic from Google Analytics within SerpWatch.