Google analytics integration


I am trying to integrate more than one google analytics account but I find this is not possible. Can someone assist on how to connect two or more Google Analytics accounts. My plan allows 18k Keyword checks, 600 keywords & 10 client portals.

Thanks in advance



I have the same issue. :frowning_face:

Same issue. How the heck can you use more than one GA?

What’s the point of multiple projects and white labeled client reports if you can only have ONE client???

Wow, it looks like you can’t.

And it’s been 4 days and no support reply to this issue lol

Bought this off appsumo but now regretting it if I can’t even use this for more than one client.

10 client portals and only one GA account allowed lol

Hi there!
Sorry to keep you all waiting. This feature is not available at the moment - however, we’ve received a lot of requests on it and it’s being considered for future implementation (no ETA just yet). In the meantime, I suggest that you link all your domains into one GA account. Hope this helps!

I’m very sorry but I have to get a refund through appsumo then.

It’s pretty scummy to market yourself as an agency level SEO tool and market your white listed client features and not even allow multiple clients.

Each client brings their own GA setup.

I suggest that you link all your domains into one GA account.

This is an absolute joke. You expect different companies all around the world to use one google analytics account?

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That’s ok, I understand where you’re coming from.
We also appreciate the feedback - it helps us learn and grow.
Until this particular feature is implemented, we recommend that you choose one of your GA accounts, add users, and provide them with one of the access levels in GA.

Hey everybody - thanks for uncovering this issue. I added it to the roadmap

Also I’m adding it to the sprint for next week so developers can start scoping it! Leave us all the functionality you need in this thread. I’m also posting this to serpwatch community for further feedback.


Maybe I am missing something here but I fail to see the issue other poster has brought up. My typical workflow is to have the client grant our user account permission to manage it. This way we do not have their login information and we do not have to worry about handoff if we do ever part ways. This would allow for one GA property to have all the clients associated with it and most agencies I know operate like this. I have easily set up all the accounts so far and associated them with the appropriate accounts. The above users anger is unwarranted. Typically what the OP is suggesting is not the flow for Google Analytics, or typical agency procedures. But rather than stir up a fight I would offer him this incredible advice and its totally free.

  1. In onboarding process have user grant you permission to be an admin of the analytics account you may even consider giving them a step by step instructions.

  2. during account creation in SERP Watch simply select the property you are attaching it to. Easy! I have already done it multiple times.

There is no problem here. The problem is just jumping quick to anger. The tool is fine.


Hi tpearman,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your detailed and informative input.

Hope you’re enjoying the tool!

Awesome feature!

Filler words filler word filler words!

Hi tpearman, I’d had the same query and found this thread. Having seen your comment, I followed your steps and bingo, all data integrated from a second account. Thanks for your contribution.


You bet I am happy you found it useful!

this feature is not added yet?? it’s 2021 already!