Duplicate keywords when adding new ones

Hi there,

When I add a list of new keywords to a project, currently if there are any duplicate keywords it just adds the same keywords a second time. It would be really helpful if any duplicates were detected and not added, to save time manually going through the list every time I add keywords to check and remove duplicates.


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Hi Dan,

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Unfortunately, SerpWatch temporarily stopped deduplicating keywords. The reason being keywords in languages containing diacritics (accent marks).

For instance, there have been cases of two seemingly identical keywords in the Greek language where the accent mark would completely change the word meaning. In order to allow users to track both of these keywords, developers made “duplicates” possible.

However, we have received a lot of feedback on this and we are working on resolving this issue.

In the meantime, I suggest that you import all existing and new keywords into Google Sheets and use their ‘Remove Duplicates’ feature.

You can also leave a feature request which serves as a voting tool for upcoming features.

Hope this helps and thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for your reply Sanja.

Would a way around it be to just set a checkbox so if you want duplicates (because you use accent marks in Greek etc) then you can check that and it will allow them? But have it removing them as default. Every other rank tracking software I’ve used does not allow duplicates.

I hope you can because this is really inconvenient to my workflow and will add a bunch of extra time for me to work out duplicates as I add new keywords to various projects, when in every other way I have found Serpwatch super helpful to my workflow and saving me time.

Many thanks.

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I understand Dan. That’s definitely a good idea and I’ll pass it on to the developers!

Thanks for your feedback.

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Following this, I had the same problem. I do keyword research in various places and intend to import into serpwatch to keep an eye on a selection of them from each research session, but noticed I was making dupes. I want to be careful not to accidentally delete and reimport a keyword, to avoid losing historical data for the kw.

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do you have an update on this issue? An automatic de-duplicating would be highly appreciated. Otherwise all (possibly) new keywords have to be chacked before if they already exist in the project.
Thank you

Hi serpwatch3,

the de-duplicating feature will be included in SerpWatch V2 version which is set to be released by the end of Q1 2021.

Thanks for your feedback!

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has this feature been rolled out with SerpWatch v2?

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Hi serpwatch3,

Yes, this feature has been rolled out for V2.
The tool now identifies keyword duplicates before adding them (manually or via CSV) and removes them.