Advanced Keyword Data in SerpWatch

With SerpWatch, you get four types of advanced keyword data right there on the dashboard.

SV (Search Volume)


Search volume signals the number of average searches a targeted keyword has had on a monthly basis in a particular location.

Bear in mind that the number of searches differs from the number of people performing those searches. For instance, one person can type “cat food” in the search bar 100 times, and another can look for it only once, thus giving you the result of 101 searches.

This is quite useful information in cases when a keyword with a high search volume (suddenly) drops in rank below your expectations and tolerance level. That’s when it serves as a signal to look into its optimization to avoid further loss of website traffic potential.

CPC (Cost Per Click)


CPC displays the average of how much every click on a paid search result costs you for a targeted keyword. The value is expressed in USD and depends on the ad spending of all advertisers.

Note that it usually differs from the max cost per click. Why—because each advertiser bids on the maximum price they are willing to pay for each click on search results containing their keywords when setting up the ad campaign.

Related to the previous point, if a keyword has high PCP value, but low search volume, that effectively means you are paying (a lot of) money for clicks that don’t actually bring a large number of people to your website. Hence, it’s time to choose new keywords.

CMP (Competition)


This metric indicates the amount of competition for one keyword as opposed to other keywords, i.e. its usage density by all other advertisers.

Its value is between 0 and 1—with a lower number signifying fewer and a higher one more advertisers using the keyword in their paid campaigns.

If you notice this value increasing over time, it might indicate it’s time to move on to the keywords with less competition among other advertisers. On the other hand, you may just need to give them more time to present the results you are expecting (as long as they are realistic).

MR (Monthly Revenue)


Monthly revenue gives you the expected monetary value for each keyword for the current month.

It’s expressed in USD and calculated by multiplying the CPC by the Traffic Volume adjusted for the position of the keyword you are targeting.

This metric helps you keep a vigilant eye on the changes in monthly revenue. If the predicted value greatly differs from what you planned, it signals it may be time to divert your financial means in the direction that may provide you with greater ROI.