Ability to change currency for CPC

Hi All,
Any chance of a new feature for main projects dashboards. I see SERPWATCH offer CPC data but only denoted in $ USD :cry:
It would be very beneficial to also be able to switch currency, so you could change to your local currency.
Many SEO products offer this, IE SEMrush offer the switching between $ & £, this is important as the UK has a large PPC market.

At least offer UK sterling as another option rather than just submit users to having to see CPC data in USD ($$)

Example below;

What do you think SERPWATCH?
Shouldn’t be that hard to implement?
Another addition to roadmap 2021!

Cheers All.
Just wanted to put this out there
Best Regards
John C

Hi John,

Welcome to SerpWatch community! :slight_smile:

You’re right - as of now, data is shown in USD only. But that’s definitely a good idea and I suggest that you request a feature so other users can vote on it.

Thank you for your feedback and I hope you’re enjoying the tool!

Hi Sanja,
Thank you for the welcome!

Yes, I will suggest it within the community, but I do think this could go onto your kanban board for 2021!
Not a huge development feature request, but never the less, it does add value and flexibility to serpwatch’s ever improving layout and project dashboards.

All the best Sanja.
John C


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I agree John, it’s definitely a smart idea!

I sure if enough users recognize the value in it, your feature suggestion will get picked up by the devs.

All the best to you too.